Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 193

Ok so here I go...jumping in with both feet.
First off...I need some help with my blog...if anyone wants to help me design this that would be greatly appreciated!!! Ok now that's out of the way...Day 193 64 lbs down...56 to go. I thought it was fitting to name this blog "Finish Strong" since that is what I am trying to do, this journey has had it's ups and downs...that is for sure, come time for that final weigh in on January 9.2012, a year after it all started I hope that I have finished strong and have met my total weightloss goal of loosing 120 lbs in a year!
 So this blog...why? I am doing it for a few reasons, one so you all can be my accountability and encouragement. I have learned that is one of the biggest factors when it comes to loosing weight. Secondly so that I can keep motivated, and lastly so that I can keep everyone that is interested in my journey informed as they walk along side me.
Tomorrow will be the first "real" blog. I am going to post a current photo and a "snip-it" of my day. I am excited about this and hope that I can keep up with it...I haven't had much luck with past blogs!